Why You Need LifeLock

We live in a digital era. This means that many of us have important information stored on most of our electronic devices. Though many of these devices come with their own security software, sometimes the software isn’t strong enough to protect against smart attackers.

That’s why you need LifeLock. Lifelock is digital security software that protects your important digital information. Lifelock comes with loads of services that are ment to keep your most valuable information secure from hackers and dangerous software. Below we explain some reasons why you need LifeLock.

Customization- Some people may have security needs that are differet from others. LifeLock allows you to set up their software in a way that’s a perfect fit for you.

High Quality Service- LifeLock boasts “$1 Million Service Guarantee.” This guarantee will ensure that your stolen identity is recovered

Fraud Protection- LifeLock has its own in-house fraud resolution team which means they can quickly detect fraud and resolve the situation quickly. You will also be notified instantly. Also detects the use of your personal information for opening a line of credit, bills, cell phones and more.

Lost Wallet Protection- If you report a lost or stolen wallet, LifeLock takes steps to protect your identity.

Financial Activity Alerts- Constant monitoring of your credit card, check, and savings account activity with fraudulent activity alerts.

Fictitious Identity Monitoring- LifeLock will scan and search for any names connected with your Social Security Number that shouldn’t be.

Annual Credit Report & Score- Get access to your credit report and score from any major bureau annually.

The services above are some of the biggest reasons why you need LifeLock. LifeLock comes with various subscriptions plans for you to choose from. We can also help you find the best rates on LifeLock for the services that meet your needs. Contact us now and leanr more about buying LifeLock